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Why gummy bears are so afraid of dinosaurs

This was the first toy photo I’d ever taken. Was going for fun and playful. Maybe even get a smile.

This was the first toy photo I’d ever taken. Was going for fun and playful. Maybe even get a smile.
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jaimeezeidman December 24, 2020
Brilliant as usual
ltdbjd PRO
ltdbjd Jan 11
Thanks!! Very much appreciated!
Sunnymahtani Jan 05
Hahah this is awesome! Put a big smile on my face!
ltdbjd PRO
ltdbjd Jan 11
Thank you! I tend to enjoy the fun still life, as opposed to the classic flowers and vase.
tysonator Jan 08
this image is a great idea, very well done !
ltdbjd PRO
ltdbjd Jan 11
Thanks! This is actually the very first toy photo I took. It was interesting to shoot. I took it on my front lawn, so the background was parked cars, houses and a street sign. Thus the f/2.8!
PeasBlossum Jan 11
try gummie worms, too!
Duskban Jan 16
🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 his bite on yellow jelly is so funny , cute capture .thanks.
d0nn3112009 PRO
d0nn3112009 Jan 17
morkatj Jan 19
Love the creativity of this photograph!
ltdbjd PRO
ltdbjd Jan 20
Thanks so much! That makes the 426 hot glue 2nd degree burns I received trying to hot glue the bears in place worth it!
Mrjehowley Jan 27
nom nom nom! \u1F602\u1F923
ltdbjd PRO
ltdbjd Jan 27
Thanks. Nothing like an afternoon snack to keep your blood sugar up!
How creative!
alisonbomber PRO+
alisonbomber Apr 09
LOv it😂
Frank1390 PRO+
Frank1390 May 07
Way to think outside the box. Congrats on the award. :-)

Behind The Lens

This was the first toy photo I attempted. I took it in the front yard of my house. The first few attempts failed, because the houses across the street, cars and the signpost were all in the photo. Houses and cars kind of take away from the whole prehistoric theme. I had to drop the f-stop way down to blur the background.
I took the photo in the early afternoon, which allowed my daughter to help me. We tried a variety of colored and grunge backgrounds, before settling on the natural background. The toy was pretty small, as you can tell by using the gummy bears for scale. This means I had to lay flat on the ground a shoot up.
This was taken with natural lighting. There was decent cloud cover to help diffuse the afternoon sunlight.
I used a Canon 2000D, with a 35mm fixed lens. This gives me close to a 50mm lens due to the cropped sensor. I used f/2.8 to blur the background. Since it was in the afternoon, I used 1/2000 sec to avoid blowing it out. ISO was 100, since I had so much light.
I wanted to try toy photography. I ran across this dinosaur in Walmart. I settled on him attacking gummy bears. I pulled the heads off the bears in his hands as if he bit them off. I used some whole bears in his mouth, partial bears, and little pieces of bear stuck between his teeth.
I adjusted the brightness, contrast, texture and clarity. I had to do some work to help lessen the impact of the shadows. I brightened the bears and adjusted the luminosity. This was a light-up toy that made noises when activated. The activation button is shown at the bottom of the picture; the red scratch marks. I tried to clone out the red scratches and outline of the button, but I couldn’t make it look good. I settled with just leaving it as is. I cropped some of it out, but had to leave the top to avoid cutting the arms off.
In my camera bag
I typically carry my camera in my camera bag, because having it makes a huge difference in how my photos turn out. I have a Speedlight with a collapsible soft box. A couple of fixed lenses, and a kit zoom lens. I typically carry an ND filter, and a white balance card. Of course, extra batteries for the camera and flash, and a couple of SD cards.
I think enjoying your subject matter is critically important. An active imagination, and trying to do something different is a key step.

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