For this photo contest, we wanted you to capture those shiny colors and get creative with them. From your favorite chocolate or candy to pink floating flamingos; we wanted you to show us how you use your photo techniques to creatively capture color with chances to win a 4K Flat Screen TV and more in the process.

A special thanks to Gilmar Smith, a master judge in this photo contest. Gilmar has a passion for creative portraiture, personal brand photography, and Photoshop manipulations. Her work is characterized by a vibrant and colorful style that incorporates humor and a sense of joy. Gilmar's impressive portfolio has been recognized by some of the most prestigious names in the industry. She has presented her work on the Nikon stage, showcasing her expertise and sharing her insights with other professionals. In addition, Gilmar's photographs have been featured in the renowned New York Times, cementing her reputation as a photographer of exceptional skill and creativity.

People's Choice

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Dancing with Rainbows " by ShiftingLightPhotography

"I'm in love with this picture's dynamic movement, beautiful lighting, and vibrant colors. It was incredibly well executed by the dancer and the photographer, enhanced further by wonderful post-processing. Congratulations!" - Gilmar Smith

Runner Up

"Masterful utilization of color and perspective in this shot. It exudes a cinematic quality that transports me into a colorful world (or movie) I would love to be a part of. " - Gilmar Smith

Runner Up

"I love the contrasting effect created by the pastel colors of the smoke against the authoritative presence conveyed by the black uniform of the officer. It's a beautiful interplay of colors and symbolism." - Gilmar Smith