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LisaDClark August 20, 2020
Love the colours on the sky
AlexandraCastro August 24, 2020
Thank you much Lisa

Behind The Lens

This photograph was taken at the State Capital building in Madison, Wisconsin
We started heading back to the vehicle about 4 pm when I happened to look up and see how beautiful the dome looked with a small amount of lighting. I wanted to take one last photograph of the State Capital and not realizing in the moment how beautiful the capture had been
The lighting was used from a bit of natural lighting vs sky replacement lighting. The original sky seemed dull and just did not bring out the dome the way I wanted it to, so with proper use of lighting, I was able to enhance the dome to it's most attractive level I could find without feeling like I over processed it
My equipment used was my Nikon D5000 with my focal length being 28.0mm, aperature f/9.5, shutter speed 1/250 and iso at 200
I wanted a photograph looking from the ground up so as to bring forth the architectural design from a unique angle, but to also bring forth the height and size of the dome. I wanted to bring forth some of the sky to bring out the dome but due to the sky being dim with no clouds, decided to enhance the sky with what I would have imagined with sky replacement
I did my best to use overlays with a bit of texture from the sky replacement so as to bring some lighting to the desired angle. I also used layers where needed with detail enhancement, sharpening as well as layers of color
In my camera bag
My equipment in my bag and with my bag is a Canon Rebel EOS T7i with multiple lenses as well as my Nikon D5000 with also multiple lenses. Along with what is carried in my bag is also a tripod and a lense tripod
During my stay in Madison, Wisconsin, the one thing I think about is to try to stay located in one area so as to not miss what shot I desire. I take several shots to see which comes out to my liking. I use a desired setting of which I imagine to be best, focus in on my subject, take my time and at the moment concentrate on photographing my subject to the best of my ability

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