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Model and Style Carolyn Lacasse
Assistant Marc-André Riopel

Model and Style Carolyn Lacasse
Assistant Marc-André Riopel
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Contest Finalist in My Best Shot Photo Contest Vol11
Honorable Mention in Under The Water Photo Contest
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Creators Exhibition ProjectTop 30 class week 1
My Best Shot Photo Contest Vol11Top 30 class week 1


Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in a warehouse in Lavaltrie, where a friend of mine is working. We installed the cube on a platform then we filled it up with water
It was on a Saturday afternoon. This particular picture needed a lot of preparation and we had to do many tests for the lightning!
I don’t remember exactly what I used... I think I had 2 flashes for this set up, 2 Godox AD600, one in the front, the other one in the back right corner
My equipment consisted of my Nikon D800 with a 24-70 lens. The flashes as I said previously were Godox AD600 with octogonal soft boxes and some little red fishes as decoration.
I had founded this cube previously in an abandoned place, and I knew I could use it one day! I had done a first shoot with it, completely different, and kept it at home. One day a model came to my place for a shooting ,I showed her the cube and we talked about filling it up with water... The project evolved and this picture was created!!!
I always loaded my picture in lightroom first for base post-process and after that I go in photoshop to do dodge and burn, fixes little things and that's it
In my camera bag
My bag changed a little bit. I'm more comfortable with fixed lenses now. So with my nikon z6, I now have a nikon 35mm, 50mm, 85 and 105mm, in my bag and I'm very happy with this.
With this kind of shooting, the preparation of the environment around it is extremely important, like the comfort of the model, the water temperature, the sealing of the box... The lightning tests have to be performed before the model is submerged in the cube! When everything is ready, you still have to go with try and error to finally get the right picture!

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