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I don't always stay in Tienen to take pictures.
This wooded region is also worth taking photos, with more coming next week
Invited here for c...
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I don't always stay in Tienen to take pictures.
This wooded region is also worth taking photos, with more coming next week
Invited here for coffee during the walk
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TARPAPERHAVEN2020 September 06, 2020
Very nice
Gi_Crivellaro October 18, 2022
Great shot!
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Behind The Lens

During a visit to a good friend in St-Joris Weer, I am always provided with coffee and treats in a cozy and original way. I couldn't help but take this picture
View the full collection of my photos: "Walk In Meerdaalwoud StJorisWeert Belgium"; photos on my profile These photos were taken during the walk of 14/06/2020 In the Meerdaal forest. This photo at 3pm
On the Beautiful estate of my Hostess there are many variations of light. Places with lots of light, Places in the Shadow and places with partial shade. The place where she put this to me was on a retaining wall at the entrance gate of The Domain. Just enough light and not too much. The height of the retaining wall was also excellent for aiming my camera. So I just pointed the camera, looked through the lens and took the picture
All I used was my Canon EOS 2000D set up for landscape photography and an EFS 18-55mm lens. I did not need additional lighting. I did not need any additional lighting, it was not necessary with all the other photos I made that day in my report: "Walk In Meerdaalwoud StJorisWeert Belgium"
I never go out without my camera, and whatever I see that makes me feel good, I take a picture of it and try to express my feelings in it. The way my hostess served me this gave me such a warm and pleasant feeling of Hospitality and Friendship that I couldn't help but take this picture. My huge thanks and mutual Friendship to Her
The only editing I have done is to put a frame around it with a special program. That's just my hallmark with my digital photos. For the rest, "NO" post-processing was required
In my camera bag
My Canon EOS 200D An 18-55mm lens A 75-300mm lens. I'm going to increase the number of lenses, and also add Filters and other things
Advice one, NEVER, NEVER go out without your camera. You can always come across something completely unexpected, where you can take the picture of your life. Save yourself the lifetime self-reproach: if I had my camera back then, I could have taken the picture of my life, I missed that moment because I didn't have my camera. Advice two: do not walk all day with your mobile phone in your hands, focus your attention on your environment instead of on the screen of your mobile phone and practice to notice things that someone else does not notice and record it on the camera. Advice three only if you have to be quick to take a picture (for example a bird flying by) you do that. Otherwise, try to view what you want to photograph from different angles, taking into account foregrounds, backgrounds and diagonals in the image. Take pictures from different directions. Take a look at the light at that moment and consider whether the photo cannot look different if there is a different position of the sun. The shadows alone can form a completely different picture. Advice four: if you buy a new camera, read the package leaflet thoroughly, go out and try "EVERYTHING", even the things you think I will never need. And take photos, photos and more photos so that all your actions eventually become reflex movements Advice five: view the photos of renowned other photographers, study them, Vieuwbug is an ideal place for this. Advice six: I have practiced various Eastern martial arts for 40 years and there was a saying there: You only master a technique if you manage to put YOUR SOUL IN IT. THIS APPLIES TO PHOTOGRAPHY, LEARN YOUR OWN SOUL, INSERT YOUR OWN FEELINGS

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