War Memorial Viewed from yet another Angle

Continued from the photo report War memorials in Tienen-Belgium
# Theo-Herbots

Continued from the photo report War memorials in Tienen-Belgium
# Theo-Herbots
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Behind The Lens

In my Beautiful City Tienen
4 o'clock in the afternoon
476/5000 Nowadays every photo camera is set up so that the lighting automatically adjusts itself, even iphones With my very first camera, a Minolta 100 that I bought in 1972, this was different, there had to be set "EVERYTHING" manually, sharpness, exposure, shutter speed etc. I made this photo with a regular Sony AVCDHD and adjusted the color contrasts with a special program, according to the emotions that came up at that moment
The majestic of this beautiful building with the War Memorial in honor of the fallen from the first and second world war in the foreground
Yes, I did an editing, just because this is a second way for me to show my feelings and emotions The first feeling goes through the eye and the camera The second feeling is through the post-processing. A saying in the Eastern Martial Arts is also mentioned in De Fotografie. "You only master a technique when you can put your own soul into it
In my camera bag
I just always have my little Sony and my iphone in my pocket. Small devices in pocket size. This is because the most beautiful photos can be taken at a totally unexpected moment, a beautiful rainbow, color contrasts in the clouds, a wild animal, lightning and much more; all things and moments that do not return. Then it is always important that you have something with you to record this
If you start photographing, do not invest in expensive materials at the beginning, START TO WORK WITH YOUR SENSES; Learn to perceive things that others do not look at in a way that your visitors say: "I have already passed so many times and WOOW I had never seen it like that". View the subject that you want to photograph not from a single angle, but from all directions, one small detail can make a huge difference, the direction of a row of trees, a road and much more. Notice diagonals in your image, as I have said, a line of trees, a road ... it all makes a huge difference. Also try to put something in the foreground, the branch of a tree, hanging flowers .... like here on this picture a monument in the foreground and a piece of a tree, it accentuates the rest of the picture. Learn to put your "own soul in a picture" Purchase expensive material only if you control all of this, otherwise it is money thrown away. When you leave your home:DON'T TAKE YOUR MOBILE PHONE OR IPHONE, WITH YOU pass wonderful things without observing them and WITHOUT CAPABLE OF THEM; Someone with an urgent message should only say this, You can always call back when you return home. View photos of other photographers, on the internet, on exhibitions, anywhere, You can learn a lot from them. ALWAYS ENSURE THAT YOU ALWAYS HAVE ANYTHING SOMETHING TO ESTABLISH UNEXPECTED MOMENTS; If you see a steadfast subject, a building, a tree .... you try to imagine what it looks like at another time of the day. The position of the sun can change the shadows, clouds can give a different accent. If necessary, try to return at different times of the day and if you are there, take pictures from different directions. Photos at nightfall look different than during the day. Use the golden rule: Patience is the basis of every picture " And last but not least, make sure you always have something to photograph. Better a cheap pocket-sized device that can take sharp pictures anytime, anywhere, than an expensive and heavy device on the cupboard so that you can always capture those unexpected things that you only encounter in your life. GOOD LUCK Theo-Herbots

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