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Behind The Lens

One of the perks of living in Southern California is that there are a number of studios available with interesting themes. We both thought this was a pretty cool theme based on what we were trying to capture.
We arrived mid-late afternoon, but it honestly didn't matter because the studio was indoors and we were specifically going for color lighting with our concept and imagery.
We've worked together before, and both wanted to do this shoot with color lighting specifically. Color tubes were used, so the image itself is pretty color accurate from straight of the camera. From a learning and growth perspective, I've never really been satisfied with using 2 color lighting images regardless of light position. When I threw a third color light, and with different color in a kinda-sorta standard 3 light set up the images really began to pop out with her great look and posing.
Canon 5DmkIV with 35mm 1.4
Honestly, it was just the experimenting and collaboration between the both of us. The studio had great atmosphere, and with the color lighting we were able to get some really great shots like this one.
Believe it or not, this images is not too far off from raw and out of camera. Some clean up of skin, and small bump in vibrance/saturation. That's really about it.
In my camera bag
Typically I have the camera (5DmkIV), couple memory cards, extra battery, and 2 or 3 lenses depending on the location. My go to's are 35mm1.4, 85mm1.2 and 105mm1.4. Yes, I'm a prime person.
Yes, at least a basic understanding of your equipment, and lighting is important, but not more so than 2 major things. First and foremost, experiment, play, make mistakes, review, improve. The more I learn, the more I know there's so much more to learn. Secondly, for those like me that shoot with people. Your rapport, comfort, respect and synergy is so important, and is something I firmly believe shows and is that icing on the cake of a really good image.

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