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Behind The Lens

The wheat field next to my property in Pickens County, AL. I was photographing two bluebirds bringing food to their offspring in their nesting box in my yard when the agcat roared overhead. I realized the wheat field was being sprayed. I immediately raced toward the field to try and get lined up for a shot of him in action.
It was around 4 in the afternoon. I was relaxing by sitting very still in a lawn chair photographing nesting bluebirds, when the peacefulness of the afternoon was shattered by the roar of the crop duster making his first dive into the field.
There are two wheat fields next to my property, one to the southeast and one directly west. I followed him through his passes for the southeast field, moving each time he made a pass, trying to line up to get the perfect shot. However, when he moved to the west field, I realized the angle of the sun on the plane and the spray was providing a much more dramatic image. Also, with my telephoto lens, I could have more time to frame a good shot of him in action coming toward me. I ran to take up a position where I had a good angle on the plane coming toward me and got this shot as he roared toward me.
I used my Nikon P900.
I have always admired AG pilots. I grew up on a farm in the delta and knew crop dusters in the farming community. It was a challenging profession there. But, here in the hill country, it is even more difficult to do, with smaller, irregular fields and uneven terrain. I wanted to try to capture a photo that showed the skills of the pilot in this situation.
Not much, just pulled it to my iPhone 8S from the camera and tweaked it a bit with the editor there.
In my camera bag
Some filters, closeup lenses, lens cleaning supplies, small tripod.
Be ready to move when photographing ag pilots. The action is fast and getting lined up for a shot is critical. I have watched ag pilots all my life and know what to expect, but have been trying for several years to get lined up correctly to get this shot. He hits this field maybe once or twice a year, so when I hear the sound of that plane, I drop what I’m doing, grab the camera and go.

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