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Behind The Lens


This photo was taken in Gloucester Cathedral in England during my trip to England in summer of 2019. This hallway is one of locations of filing of the famouse Harry Potter movies.


I remember it was around noon when I visited this Cathedral so this photo must be taken around 2 or 3 P.M. I remember because of the stained glasses it was not very bright inside and I had to use a slower shutter speed which was not very smart at first because I did not have a tripod with me that day so I changed my technique! I sat on the floor and used a higher iso and a fairly low shutter speed to take this photo. It took me a few tries but I was finally happy with 3 or 4 photos and this one was the best out of many!


I wanted this photo to have a heavenly feeling to it due to the location being a medival Cathedral, so I didn't mind the lower shutter speed and high iso. I then decided to not chnage the yellow light in editing programs and keep the photo as it was because I felt like the yellowish colour gave it the feeling I wanted.


This photo was shot on a Cannon t6i, with a wide lese, Sigma 10-20mm, no other equipment was used.


I am a student in architectural studies and as a result of the program I am studying I get mesmerised by any architectural structure. This Cathedral was not an exception, it left me completely entranced by the great architecture, especially this hallway. This hallway gave me a magical feeling that no other hallway ever gave me and I just had to capture this beautiful creation and share it with the world.


I don't really like to change more than necessarly in my photos and I like to keep them the way the are. I usually just fix the lighting a little and this was the same for this particular photo as well. I made some changes in the brightness and contrast of the photo and decided to keep the rest as they were.

In my camera bag

I always have my Sigma 10-20 mm lens which is a wide lens and is perfect for architectural photography as well as my Canon 50 mm portrait lens. I love protrait photography which is why I always have my 50 mm lens. My Canon 18-135mm lens is always mounted to my camera as is the lens I often use. I also always have my battery charger and extra batteries because you never know when you will run out of batteries. In addition to those I always have extera SD cards. A new addition to my Camera bag is my Neewer Macro ring light which I use for Portrait photography and events.


I would say, practice and look for the subjects that others may not see in the first glance. Always look at the world around you in a way that people usually dont, look at normal things from a new and different angel. Take photos of everything!!

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