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braydenbise March 29, 2020
Absolutely Stunning Capture
barbarabergmannbiglow Platinum
barbarabergmannbiglow March 29, 2020
Beautiful capture ♥️
Adrian_Wills PRO
Adrian_Wills June 18, 2021
Brilliant shot, what/where is this?
Ciego64 PRO
Ciego64 February 03, 2022
Love this!!!
andrewlpaul February 07, 2022
What are we looking at here? Cool abstract work!
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in New York City at the now-iconic Vessel.
This is my favorite shot I took while in NYC. It was around 9 PM in the evening and it was misting just on the verge of raining. You could run up and down this building for so many angles that could make an amazing picture.
The lighting in this building was meant for photography. Even during the night, the lighting in the building accents everything perfectly.
This was shot on a Sony A7Rii with a Rokinon 14mm f2.8. No other camera gear was used.
Every time I travel to a new location away from home I am constantly looking on IG and google to find destinations to shoot while in the city. I love shooting super-wide-angle and trying to find a perspective that hasn't been shot before. I ran up and down this building twice but once I was at the top I knew there was something special when looking down. It took me a few pictures to get exactly what I wanted, but I loved the end product.
Yes, I did! The actual color at the center is a bright blue. I shifted the color to a lighter bluish teal and the yellow lights I shifted a bit orange. The building itself is actually copper so it played well with this shift in the yellows. Other than that just minor adjustments were made to the photo to adjust exposure and etc.
In my camera bag
What isn't in it? This is where I break my back. I have an intense fear of not having what I need when I what do I do...I pack EVERYTHING. When I say EVERYTHING I mean everything. On average I have my Sony A7rii, Sony A9ii, DJI Mavic 2, Manfrotto befree tripod. Lens Rokinon 14mm f2.8, Sony 16-35MM f2.8, Sony 24-240mm, Sony 85mm, Rokinon 35mm 2.8, Rokinon 50mm 2.8. Then I have all my backup batteries and gadgets but that's the bulk of my weight in the bag!
The lighting is what makes the picture special. So you need to wait until night time and the weather being not great is a good thing. The fewer people that are in it the better it is for you. Get to the top of the building and work your way around until you find the angle you love. I shot from the Hudson Yard Mall side of the vessel. This gave me the dock behind the building which gave great opposite lighting to the main light at the base of the building. Get your widest angle lens and play with the angle. I used the handrail as my level to make sure I was as straight as I could be. I hope this helps and good luck out creating.

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