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I had been in Santa Fe doing street photography when I came across wall art, and curbside garbage, and recycle pick-up. Both create chaos by themselves, but are...
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I had been in Santa Fe doing street photography when I came across wall art, and curbside garbage, and recycle pick-up. Both create chaos by themselves, but are in balance as they work as subject layers.
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AngelLappmarkSe PRO
AngelLappmarkSe January 01, 2018
Mostly I am irritated by graffiti. I can't understand why people distroy other peoples properties, but this my friend, this is amazing. Maybe it is the way you captured this, but right now this image fills me with joy. Greetz Angel. Lappmark Sweden
Asante PRO+
Asante September 10, 2020
In lust with this composition for some strange "reason" but the tints and hues of all items together just make me long to see them myself--feel them-touch them-must be the hands. Namaste. Well done.
Erika02 April 15, 2021
Nagyon kreatív
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Behind The Lens

I made this photograph while taking a workshop at Santa Fe. I like looking in places that other photographers avoid.
The day was raining on and off, best time to photograph when folks are avoiding the rain drops. I made this photograph Tuesday, October 3, 2017 at 11:21 AM.
The lighting in Santa Fe glows as you can see in this image. I had just the right amount of diffusion from the rain storm clouds.
I used a Nikon D800. The lens is a 24-85 AF-S Nikkor. My tripod is a gitzo carbon fiber with a 3 way tilt head. Quick release.
I was looking for an infusion of Santa Fe artists, environment, and the human connection to the area. I was striving for an back lot sense of place utilizing these elements.
I sharpened the edges in photoshop. I did burning and dodging of some of the areas to bring them forward in the image. The graffiti was vibrant, and stood out on it's own accord.
In my camera bag
I use a 4x5 zone 6 wista. My meter is a modified spot meter. I also carry a 67 Pentax for infrared photography. Digitally, I use a Nikon D800. I use my phone to make notes about my subjects. And, I have a thermos of coffee.
A sense of place is important to make a photograph like this one. Sometimes sitting and just add yourself to the scene to sense what evolves. I use all 5 of my senses including the 6th. sense (my artistic sense) when I make my photographs.

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