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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken on the terrace of our favourite bar in Tazacorte La Palma over looking the banana plantations down to the sea.
It was late afternoon about 15.30 I think in early January. Daylight hours are shorter in January so it was only a few hours before dusk.
This photograph was unstaged, the brilliant sunshine and sun parasols we were sat under created a great balance and accentuated the shade at the forefront.
This was a candid shot on my iPhone 7
I wanted to capture the picture perfect scene when the platter was brought out, it was like something out of a magazine. A reminder of a great afternoon. It wasn’t planned or set up it just looked so beautiful the way the food was presented, the bar name against the blue sky - just perfect.
I enjoy playing around with filters and the post-processing to see if the photo can be accentuated in any way, I don’t edit out flaws in a subject or manipulate it as to me photographs are a physical memory of what I have seen. For this one I have tweaked the exposure/brightness and added a vignette to really focus the eye to dust look at the food and then the surroundings. Post-processing is all the fun of a darkroom without expensive mistakes!
In my camera bag
I currently use a Canon EOS 700d and carry an 18-55mm, a 70-300mm and an old 28-90mm from my original canon slr which is a great all round lens and fills the gap in between my other two. I do have a 400-800mm but don’t carry that around, I only really use it to capture the moon! A tripod, uv and polarising filters finish off my bag. Of course I always have my phone on me so even if I’m cameraless I can still take photos- the joys of modern technology!
I love candid / reportage unstaged shots and would say always take lots And lots of photos! Don’t be afraid the change your angle it can really alter a photograph as the light and perspective will be different. Think about what made you want to take that specific photo, what did you want to capture - is that the main focal point of your photo, can you do anything to enhance it and make it a more prominent feature. Play around with the depth of field, change the amount you zoom in or out and then enjoy the post-photography processing but don’t go overboard - too many tweaks can ruin it! Most of all just have fun and enjoy the experience.

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