Still Life Photo Contest

Still Life
Photo Contest
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Still Life Photo Contest
Show how you capture still life

The Brief
For this contest, we invite community members to share their creative captures showing still life. From indoor and studio photography to objects in the outdoors; share your best shots with the community and showcase your creativity.

Still Life Photo Contest
Still Life Photo Contest
Still Life Photo Contest
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Still Life Photo Contest
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Still Life Photo Contest
Still Life Photo Contest
Dariane Sanche
At only 27 years old Dariane Sanche is a professional photographer specializing in fashion, portrait, beauty & editorial photography. Dariane already has 10 years of experience in photography and some more in photo editing. Well known in the Montreal fashion industry for her theatrical fashion photography and her unique style. She works in Europe, in USA and in Canada where she is based. She’s a self-taught artist, she learned everything by herself. Inspired from a young age by high fashion, haute couture, nature and textures. Creative and full of imagination, Dariane is definitively a multidisciplinary artist.
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Here's How It Works
You always maintain the rights to your submissions.
By entering the contest you accept the terms of use.
6132 submissions | Show how you capture still life
Judged based on creativity, originality and in accordance to the theme.
Entry fee: Free for Pro members
Total prize value of $ 600
Still Life Photo Contest
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- vladgeorgescu

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