Ibrahim Rouza

bijapur, 2019

bijapur, 2019
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Behind The Lens

i clicked this photo, on a scorching day, at Ibrahim Rouza, in Bijapur , in the state of karnataka, India. the structure is the tomb of King Adil Shah II and is over 450 years old.
This was taken on Nov 21, 2019 around 11:30 am . it was a very hot day , but here , the clouds diffused the light to give it a overall soft look
this was shot in natural light, as i do with all my travel photos. the weather was hot and the hide n seek between the clouds and harsh sun was testing my patience. i managed to click this when the harsh light of the sun was diffused by the clouds.
i clicked this using my canon EOS 1DX mark II with Canon EF 11-24 f4 L USM which is one of my favs lens to carry around for travel and street photography
the ultrawide dramatic effect using the 11-24 was the main reason i composed this image and clicked the shot. everyone usually takes a straight on shot of a building or monument and i decided to align myself to the corner and click this at the widest focal length of 11 mm to create the dramatic result.
basic edits are all done in lightroom and then i use Colour FX pro to tweak the photo a bit more, bringing out the details in the image and finally i used photoshop to clean the dust spots which was pretty visible and distracting in the clear blue sky. thats about it.
In my camera bag
being a professional wedding photographer for well over a decade, i have a variety of prime and tele lens but for travel i make sure i always have the 1dxmkii along with the 11-24, 24-70 and 70-200 . its really a heavy bag to lug around , but its never stopped me from getting the shots i need.
always try to click from different perspectives, getting low (to the ground level) if you have to. take shots in horizontal and vertical perspectives as well , but STOP when you think you have taken the best shot

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