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oarphoto Jan 07
Thaks to all!

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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in the rock of Juaica in Cundinamarca, Colombia. It is a place of visit for Bogota, where it is connected with nature
It was taken at the height of the rock, to get there you have to walk 2 hours along paths and landscapes of the Bogota savanna. Upon reaching the rock the edge is terrifying, but it is a beautiful landscape. The taking time is about 11 am.
The light of the shot is natural, all the light is a reflection of the morning sun over the clouds of the savannah, a soft and very equatorial light.
This shot on Canon 80D, with Canon 10-17mm f/3.5 Canon. No other equipment was involved.
I like landscapes and going out with friends to know the edges of the city where I live. So I wanted to climb somewhere very high and take that Bogotá savanna, along with the female figure of one of my friends. I had seen photos very similar to this, only not with real nature, they were very worked in editors and did not show the real and natural, so I wanted to make a similar but natural.
I made a natural post processed in Lightroom from the original RAW, I rarely use photoshop, but for this case I used it to give strength to the color of the girl's skin and reinforce the natural color of the savanna. They were very simple and basic changes
In my camera bag
Usually when I'm going to take landscape photographs I wear my Canon 80D camera and use lenses such as the Canon 10-17 f / 3.5mm or the Tamron 17-50 f / 2.8. But when I work portraits I prefer my Canon 6d Mark ii and lenses like the Canon 50 f / 1.8 or the Canon 24-105 mm f / 4 L. They are my favorite
Yes, go out to look for very different places, know the edges of your city, make different plans, look for inspiration in nature, go exploring with great caution but curiosity

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