If the world was held by a devil





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Behind The Lens

I actually take all my “conceptual” pictures in my own bedroom. I’m a student and cannot afford a studio, or any professional photography equipment, so 90% of my photos are taken on my bed, with a few coloured lights as accessories. Also these are my hands, you can call this an autoportrait in some ways.
The later the better! My most creative pictures are taken way past bedtime haha. This one was around 3am, when I couldn’t sleep and had sudden burst of creativity.
I own two lights that can change colour. This allows me to set moods made of one of two colours, sometimes creating awesome contrasts. This time I went for a full red lighting. In the center, a huge vintage lightbulb I recently bought. I don’t know why but it instantly made me think about a dark/devilish mood such as this one, so I went for it.
I use a Canon EOS 77D, with 50mm f/1.8 lens. No need for flash because of the light sources already present in the picture. On the other side, I own an astronomical amount of lights, of all kinds and colours, to always try to create something original. And I’m obviously using a tripod to capture my ideas by myself.
As I said earlier, this lightbulb I bought gave me those devilish ideas, such as grabbing it in weird positions, or holding it over myself, etc. All of this in a dark, red light, because I never really took pictures in those tones, since my theme is mostly blue and purple.
I always une Lightroom and Snapseed to enhance the lighting and colours so the details un my picture can stand out, but I almost never photoshop my pictures, like modify the proportions and such. Here, I used the “already red mood” set by the external lights to be able to change the center lightbulb and make it turn red as well on Lightroom. Then finished the job on Snapseed where I just removed the lightbulb’s electric cable, and darkened the borders of the picture to let the eye focus on the center, where the only visible light source comes from.
In my camera bag
I usually have my camera, the only lens I own (the 50mm), a few lights, mirrors, prisms, and that’s about all.
Photographing in the dark is not an easy thing to do! I’ve been practicing for 2 years now (started taking pictures at 16, I’m 18 now). One advice I can give is that low light photography needs a lot of patience, and knowledge of your camera’s specs, such as speed, iso, aperture, and so on. Finding the good settings for the picture to not be overexposed, not too dark, not blurry, and just dark enough to let the center lightbulb shine, is a long journey.. It’s usually a trial and error process, until you find the perfect settings for your camera to capture just what you want, in this dark, red environment. As you can see, I own a Canon 77D which isn’t a pro camera, and managed to get something good out of it. So don’t think you need the best equipment to create something only few people have done, you just need patience, and a pinch of creativity!

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