Pumpkin spice





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jamgallo December 03, 2019
Thank you guys!!

Behind The Lens

This photo was taken on the window sill of my dorm room, which is in a sense my kitchen.
I took this at 8am when I usually have my morning coffee and I wanted to showcase what goes into the morning and the aesthetic of my lifestyle
I love the morning light that shines through my window, every morning from around 8-10 the lighting on the sill is perfectly soft producing little to no shadows
I was using a very basic canon T6 to shoot this photo with my lens at about 24mm no additional equipment was needed.
I was inspired to create a photo tang showcased my daily routine as well as my lifestyle mixed with the current season hence the pumpkin
I tend to favor Lightroom as a source of post processing. I used Lightroom to adjust some of the colors to give the feel of the image more of a warm tone and to make the warm colors more prominent
In my camera bag
In my bag I usually carry all of my lenses a 50mm, 18-35mm and a 24-70mm I also keep handy brushes and microfiber clothes to clean my equipment as well as an extra battery
In my opinion in taking any photo in order to get the best result I believe that you should strive to do what feels natural to you rather than recreate what others take and that is how you will achieve the best photo

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