Mum and Bub Possum

Mother and baby Australia possum that took up residence in my old outhouse.

Mother and baby Australia possum that took up residence in my old outhouse.
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RachelNiquette Premium
RachelNiquette April 17, 2020
WestinOz April 17, 2020
RickL PRO+
RickL October 23, 2020
Exceptional composition
jimhelmick October 23, 2020
Great shot.

Behind The Lens

This Photo was taken at my house in Dinmore , Queensland, Australia. In the old out house in my back yard. This outhouse was later turned into a laundry.
The possums turn up in the evening, especially in cold weather and when the mother has babies. This is the third baby she has had in the hollowed out space at the back of the roof to the outhouse. I think they really love it in there because we tend to do our laundry in the evening and it would stay nice and warm in there.
We have one fairly dim LED light hanging in the outhouse , They are nocturnal animals so they are not fond of bright light.
Just my Sony DSC-HX350 held in my hands, no tripod or a flash, just had the small LED light we keep in the outhouse on.
I Just love showing off the wildlife we have here in Australia and possums are just too cute to resist photographing.
Just the editing program that comes with my camera, nothing special. Just a light tidy up is all.
In my camera bag
I keep an array of macro lenses, filters, a small tripod, a lens cloth and extra batteries in my bag. Just basic stuff really. I don't use them all that much though, but good to have just in case.
I have found with capturing images of animals, Stay calm and use your zoom. Don't try to get too close and it's best if you can catch them in natural light. Most animals don't like a flash. I do sometimes use a wide angle flashlight that can be dimmed to put just the right amount of light without startling them.

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