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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken on the first day of travel to the Netherlands. Walking through the small shopping area, I wanted a snack. And what could be better than a waffle with chocolate ?! And if they are cooked right before your eyes?
So, around 13:00, a little waffle boutique
A little upset by the very unfriendly light from the ceiling lamps and their location. I had to change the shooting point several times.
Usually on street walks I use a Canon 135mm F2 lens to stay as “invisible" as possible and to be able to get close-up portraits at long distances, but this time my 5D MkIII had a widescreen IRIX 15mm F2.5. Therefore, spatial distortions are clearly visible in the photo. Hands seem a little big, but, in my opinion, this only adds to the plot, focusing on the main thing.
I immediately wanted to make a portrait of this cook, he not only very cleverly controlled all the equipment and was very friendly, but, at first glance, it was clear that this young man was very handsome and photogenic. It is enough to look at his open smart face and simply wonderful sinewy hands. Having received permission to shoot, he made a couple of frames and it became clear that the frame had developed.
As a rule, I use only Photoshop to develop my RAW files using the Google Nik Collection.
In my camera bag
My standard "street" kit is very simple. Canon 5D Mark III, 135mm prime lenses F2 and IRIX 15mm F2.5
Street photography is one of the most common types of photography; an incredible number of articles have been written about it. My advice is to study the photographs of the masters, do not forget to get acquainted with the works of contemporaries, shoot a lot, shoot and shoot again.

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