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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken outside my house on my patio. I live in the central area of Louisiana with a bayou directly across my road. I am an amateur photographer, with no training, who has fallen in love with taking pictures. I find myself constantly thinking about “the shot” when I evaluate whether or not I can communicate the beauty or uniqueness of it.
This picture was taken in the daylight hours. Plumerias are one of my favorite blooming plants/trees. They hail from Hawaii but the climate in Louisiana supports this beautiful plant. It’s a sun loving plant that enjoys and thrives in the heat! Plenty of that in Louisiana and in my patio.
I didn’t have anything special about the lighting - sun shining brightly! That certainly calls attention to this beautiful plant!
I don’t have any professional equipment as I’m a beginner. However, I have my iPhone and the camera has been my friend! It takes good pictures and isn’t cumbersome to work with. Eventually I’d like to get better equipment but until then, I’m thankful for my phone’s camera.
Having traveled to Hawaii years ago, I fell in love with the beautiful plumerias and plants unique to the islands. In addition to photography I love gardening. I had diligently worked to get my plumeria to bloom and once it did, I wanted to take a picture of it that would do it justice. The colors are so tropical with glorious fragrance and I could only wish the smell could be enjoyed too!
No, I didn’t do any post processing.
In my camera bag
I don’t have a camera bag or any photography equipment. I only use an iPhone at this point.
Find something that you love and feel you “must” share that love with your viewer! Visualize the shot in your mind’s eye!! Keep shooting until your heart and eyes say, “Yes!”

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