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Behind The Lens

The photo was taken at a creek near where I grew up. We had to cross over the [freezing] water in order to get to this little opening.
I took this photo just before sunset.
I wanted this image to appear mysterious, but enchanting. I knew how the area looked just before sunset, and wanted that fading light to help me achieve what I was looking for.
Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, timer remote control, and a tripod.
Liberman by Vanessa Carlton. Specifically the song “Operator” which is the title of this photograph.
This photo is actually three photographs in layers. I compiled them together, blurred the background, did a radial blue on everything but the subject, and double exposed the final image to make the smoke look like it was surrounding the area.
In my camera bag
Canon 5D Mark IV, Mark ii, and my 6D. Lenses depend on the shoot. I always carry my 24-105mm, and ultra wide angle lens because you never know!
1. When photographing smoke, in this case people holding smoke bombs and spinning it, take as many shots as possible! 2. Don’t mess with the focal length. That will make it almost impossible to layer the images. 3. Try to have the model rotate it in a few circles, then take several shots of her holding it still. 4. Watch the weather! If the wind is blowing too hard the smoke won’t look as nice! 5. Carry a tripod if you’re shooting when it’s getting dark. Even if you’re shooting above 1/30 it’s a comfort thing. 6. Don’t be afraid to experiment in photoshop. 7. Patience! It can take me a while to get to the picture I envision. Have faith in your skills, and have fun!

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