Two kittens play

These are just two of the 3 kittens playing in front of my parents' house.
These are just two of the 3 kittens playing in front of my parents' house.
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Behind The Lens

At my parents' house in Bosnia and Herzegovina last year or two years ago. These kittens were still little babies.
The shooting time was not a simple one, the photo if I remember correctly, was made immediately after lunch, it was August, the heat peak. I believe that even the kittens would have preferred to have a nap after lunch but I was insistent and I continued to involve them in the game until I had some shots that gave me satisfaction!
The part of which I am particularly proud is the fact that I have used the integrated flash of the Canon 80D in sunny daylight! It made a crazy effect! He lit up in a wonderful way the head of the kitten in the foreground, in addition small stones in front and around the cat has created tiny shadows just from the light of the flash. Instead of having direct sunlight the flash light made a perfect mix!
For this photo I used an Canon 80D, built-in flash and Canon 15-85
My mum "adopted" these kittens, some of them a little grumpy who didn't really care about the human company, while these two were very curious and interested about my camera. I had no choice, I had to photograph them : )
Yes, I did a very pronounced post-production on the depth of the field, this was my main intent, to give an impression that the kitten in the background was very far away while he was a few inches from his little brother. I really liked the detail on the first floor! I simplified the colors by exaggerating the background light and leaving this brownish mood that gave the whole photo a very "domestic" atmosphere. I used Lr, Ps.
In my camera bag
I sold my 80D, now for most of the works I use the Canon mark III, in the photographic kit I don't have many things. A Canon 50 mm 1.4, Sigma 150-600, Canon 24-70 and a Rollei tripod.
I can say that this photo is an,"well done-experiment!" I shot with the camera's built-in flash in daylight, this intrigued me and I also tried to adjust the intensity of the light to see which is the optimal distance to have a nice picture without overexposing it. So I recommend many research shots, experimental, 100, 200 and more! I guarantee surprising and innovative quality results!

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