Play in the Light

One of my all-time favorite pictures of my niece from one of the few times I played around with tinted lighting.

One of my all-time favorite pictures of my niece from one of the few times I played around with tinted lighting.
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Vahoskins PRO+
Vahoskins March 21, 2019
Beautiful capture! Beautiful blue eyes! Thank you for entering this picture in my Mind of a Child Challenge!
milesthorne March 21, 2019
Love this! The expression and the different angle makes this perfect :)

Behind The Lens

I took this photo in my parents' bedroom, actually. This was on New Year's Day 2013, back when my niece was still little and loved being my test shot model. I had just gotten my own external flash for the first time that Christmas and was experimenting with dual layering gels to achieve this exact effect.
We took this slap happy shot around noontime, after we'd all finally woken up from ringing in the New Year the night before. Phey (my niece pictured here) was in such a great mood, I think we were taking photos for about an hour or so.
As I mentioned, I was using a new Neewer external flash with a softbox that allowed me just enough room to layer two colored gels on the flash.
Canon 60D, Neewer external flash with softbox, and if I'm not mistaken my Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 lens.
My niece was my inspiration for a really long time. As a small child she was (not that she isn't now, but still) so vibrant, curious, and not to mention crazy! In the best way! Oddly enough, she inspired me to step out of my photography comfort zone a lot, to photograph in new ways, and too look at the world differently - through a child's eyes, as if the world was brand new.
Yes! I processed this photo in Lightroom. The original image had a lot more pink than green, so I pulled out the green tones more to achieve the look I was really going for. It was really just a matter of playing with hues and saturation!
In my camera bag
My Canon 60D, my 85mm, 50mm, and my kit lens! I don't typically use my external flash outside of work assignments, but this was just a few days after I first got the Neewer flash and I was pretty flash-happy at the time!
Play play play! I took a lot of images with my niece aside from this one, and maybe out of the 50+ unique poses/shots we took, I had a good five or so that I really took the time to post process and make into what I had envisioned from the start. This shot was really a result of having fun with experimentation, and honestly it's not something I do enough of anymore. This shot is my reminder that it is GOOD and FUN to experiment with lighting, pose, and angles! Your favorite shot can result from trying something wildly out of your wheelhouse!

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