The Face Behind

It's been a long time since I've posted any sort of current selfie, so here's one now.

I prefer a film-like softness and no camera...
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It's been a long time since I've posted any sort of current selfie, so here's one now.

I prefer a film-like softness and no camera eye contact for my own self-portraits.
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Contest Finalist in Spring Looks Photo Contest
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geophotos PRO
geophotos May 30, 2019
This is in a class high above the usual "selfie". There is thought and intent behind it, to show a natural, candid look with no pretensions. In all, a very well crafted and pleasing presentation! :))
learwoody PRO+
learwoody June 23, 2019
So having seen the self deprecation in the Forum I decided to check this absolutely deserve to be there!!!...right beside all the professional, highly edited etc etc....this is contemplative, the colour choice is superb, the lighting is subtle, the bokeh is’s just a really beautiful shot and moment...well done!!!!…and the model…the camera clearly likes her!!
SarahSwin June 24, 2019
Thank you so much :') I entered this image not really expecting much. Really, I just needed a new headshot of sorts. So for it to make finalist really took me by surprise, especially after looking through all the other finalists!
geophotos PRO
geophotos June 23, 2019
Congratulations on your Contest Finalist status! Well deserved and I think @learwoody has summed it up so well. :)
SarahSwin June 25, 2019
Thanks Geo!!
Alfredo_Jose PRO
Alfredo_Jose June 25, 2019
Congratulations on being a finialist, beautiful image, excellent work! Well done, everything is so perfectly balanced!
SarahSwin June 25, 2019
Thank you so much, I really appreciate that!
edandaniphone Premium
edandaniphone July 10, 2019
Lovely, thoughtful moment. Gorgeous color.
Metamorphosis July 21, 2019
Lovely shot
esotericlensv2 September 30, 2019
Beautiful image, beautiful woman, beautifully emotive
AnnHopta PRO+
AnnHopta May 28
Thank you for joining my challenge Best Selfies. Best of luck!
AnnHopta PRO+
AnnHopta Jun 02
Voting is open in Best Selfies. Please vote.

Behind The Lens

I took this photo in the sitting room area of my apartment - a largely unused area except for excess furniture and art that won't fit anywhere else!
This photo was taken in the evening, after a long day of work that required a few beers after! ;p
The light in this shot is coming from a ceiling fan overhead and bright bulb to the left front side of my face (right, as a viewer). I was actually testing out some lighting equipment I had unearthed from my parents' house and was playing around with what I could do without the piece I DIDN'T find. The light is pretty hot on the side of my face because I couldn't find any of my umbrellas, but in hindsight I suppose it worked out pretty well.
Canon 60D for the camera and some off-camera lighting as mentioned in the previous answer.
I had just remembered I had equipment stored away at my parents' house that hadn't seen the light of day in far too long, so once I found it (or at least part of it), I knew I wanted to experiment a bit!
I applied a film-like preset to this in Lightroom, but played around with some level so that the look wasn't took heavy or over-processed. Since this is a self-portrait, I wanted it to not only look like me, but FEEL like me - so that heavily influenced how I processed this photo.
In my camera bag
My Canon 60D, kit lens, 50mm, and a few different zooms along with an Opteka wide angle, but these days most of my shooting is done with the kit lens or my 50mm.
If you're looking to capture a true-to-you self-portrait, the biggest bit of advice I can give is to trust yourself and your authenticity! This photo is probably the truest self portrait I've created in a long time and it is because I went into it with no pretensions, just experimentation and creation.

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