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Streetcar in the night

Busy street corner in Toronto.

Busy street corner in Toronto.
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KEDPHOTOGRAPHY September 27, 2019
nice shot 👍
veromory1 Platinum
veromory1 October 02, 2019
Thank you
davidgorrill May 21
timing! in so many ways! great shot.
veromory1 Platinum
veromory1 May 21
Thank you 😊
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken on Queen Street West in Toronto, which is one very busy street in the city, anytime of day or night.
This photo was shot at 10:25pm on September 8, 2018. I love walking on Queen street West. It's full of life, lots of stores, restaurants, people, day or night; I wanted to reflect to busyness of that street, the cars and streetcars running through the night.
I wanted to show the light trails of the streetcars and the cars. The long exposure allowed me to achieve that effect and to have the "ghost effect" of the streetcar so we can see the stores on the other side of the street, through the streetcar.
I used my Nikon D750, with Nikkor 28-300mm, at 28mm, 100 ISO, 2,5 sec., at f8; on a 3 Legged Thing tripod.
When the weather is warm, I enjoy going out at night and shooting different scenes of the night life in the city. After trying different street corners and different exposures and angles, I settled for this part of the street. I was able to create the ghost effect of the streetcar in the night with the light trails and the perspective leading to the other streetcar.
I always edit my pictures. In this particular image I started in Lightroom, adjusted the highlights and shadows and then processed it in Luminar 3 where I adjusted the tint and temperature, the contrast and clarity; then used the AI filter and Color punch cold in the LUT Mapping. I usually have an idea of the result I want to achieve, but I kind of play with the adjustments until I'm happy with my image. It can take a few hours.
In my camera bag
If I'm walking in the city during the day, I usually bring my mirrorless Nikon Z6, with the 24-70 and the 50mm; it's really light to carry. If I'm going away on a trip, I will also bring the 28-300 lens and a wide angle as well as a lighter tripod and some ND filters.
The city is full of interesting sceneries; find a busy area, set your tripod and wait for action. Try different angles and exposures be patient and be ready to shoot!

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