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armandoermocida April 24, 2021
mikeweber_8107 October 26, 2021
Love it
jp_photography_chicago Platinum
jp_photography_chicago October 27, 2021
Thank you very much!
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at a hot dog stand in West Chicago, IL. The location has a 80s retro vibe, a lot of bright colored posters, items and memorabilia.
This photo was taken around noon on a cold December afternoon. It was flurrying outside, but nice and warm inside.
This photo was taken with natural lighting. The hot dog stand had big open windows, and with the overcast/snowy conditions it provided enough shade to so the lighting was perfect.
For this shot I used my Canon Rebel SL1 with my 35mm prime lens. Since we had good lighting, but was shooting indoors I did have to set the ISO to 200 and used f2.8 aperture.
At the time of this shoot, this was the second time I worked with this model. Ultimately, she had come up with the idea of doing a retro themed shoot, and knew the perfect spot.
I corrected any lighting issues, and made some edits to the color. I also added a pink color overlay on the shot to give, what I felt, was a vintage feel to the photo.
In my camera bag
Normally I pack my Canon Rebel SL1 along with my 50mm f1.2 prime lens and my 35mm f2.0 prime lens. I have also recently added an 85mm prime lens.
Since this was shot in a place of business, it helps to go on off times, and it's always good to ask permission before you start shooting. Just tell them you want to take some specific shots. Come in with a good attitude, and it also helps to buy something if it's inexpensive. You don't want to ruin the possibility of other photographers being able to use the site!

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