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Blizzard, New York Style

What would New York be in the winter without a blizzard--boring?

What would New York be in the winter without a blizzard--boring?
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bschiller8 February 01, 2019
amazing !!! would u mind taking a look at my page ???
bschiller8 February 01, 2019
this is rlly nice

Behind The Lens

I made this photo late in the evening at the corner of 7th Avenue and West 31st Street in New York City during a recent blizzard. Weather was a bit chilly, however, I couldn't resist walking the streets to take in activity of folks rushing to get home before the storm closed down the City. By 12:00 the streets were deserted---unusual for NYC!
Shot at approximately 10:00 PM on a weeknight during a blizzard that eventually dropped over 12" of snow in a 24 hour period of time.
I enjoyed sufficient ambient lighting provided by street lights, auto headlights, and building lighting to shoot this and several other images. The Canon 5DMarkIII did a fantastic job with minimal noise shooting at 400 ISO. I crossed the street several times stopping at or near the middle of the intersection to shoot. The "save rate" was sufficient to capture the experience.
I was shooting with a Canon 5DMarkIII handheld with a 24 to 70mm zoom lens.
Shooting at night has become my favorite time to make images. Scenes take on a completely different appearance at night---lighting and exposure is critical and a challenge. I love NYC so shooting there any time of day is a great experience---shooting at night is an opportunity not to be wasted!
I edited the image in OnOne Raw---my primary photo editing program. Minor adjustments made to exposure, contrast, with a few color adjustments.
In my camera bag
When traveling I carry a Canon 5DMarkIII and 7DMarkII body along with a 15mm prime, 18 to 24 zoom, 24 to 70mm zoom, and a 70 to 200 or 100 to 400 zoom. When shooting auto racing and air shows I also pack a Canon 400mm DO with a 1.4 teleconverter for the "long shots." When shooting in low light situations I pack a sturdy tripod. Of course, extra batteries, lens cleaning material, microfiber cloth and assorted filters--ND and polarizer. When packing light I forgo the kit and options above and take my Light 16 compact camera. The capability of the Light 16 is fantastic---a truly "state-of-the-art" camera.
Shooting at night requires a camera that's has great low light capabilities. I find locating the scene and composing the image is more challenging that in the daylight so I often scout locations I think may work well ahead of a planned evening of shooting. I also find gaining access to the best location for the shot I'm trying to get is sometimes difficult---and even sometimes dangerous. I travel with a DJI Mavic drone for those times when access isn't easy or possible. I use a steady tripod when practical as I prefer to shoot longer exposures with smaller apertures for the best depth of field. Mirror-lockup is vital and I usually use the camera body "2-second timer" to trip the shutter.

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