A big thanks to all the photographers that shared their shots of the Big Apple in this photo contest! NYC has so much to offer to photographers as it is a melting pot of views, cultures, architecture and sceneries. One of the biggest landmarks of USA with so much history that it is remembered through the images of the city.

A special thanks to professional photographer Joe Farace for selecting the winners of this photography competition:

"First I would like to say that I have judged many photo contests; I'm slogging though the snow today to judge winners of the Colorado Council of Camera Clubs but never have I seen ‹ even when judging competitions of professional photographer ‹ a higher quality more extraordinarily executed group of images than in this contest. All of the finalists are to be congratulated; I wish I could give each of them a prize." - Joe


"This image is one that that anyone anywhere on the planet recognizes as New York. The high level of craftsmanship combined with the photographer's concept and vision combine to tell a story of the bigness of the city while showing the interconnectivity‹ the closeness ‹ of the people and businesses that come together to form The Big Apple." - Joe

Congratulations to the following Runners Up:


"This beautifully realized monochrome image manages to combine the feeling of timelessness of Grand Central Station by encapsulating both a feeling of history with its black and white styling as well as capturing the life of the city almost as if it was a living, breathing entity." - Joe


"This stunning photograph reflects the geography of New York, it's island nature and the bridges that both connect it to the rest of the county but bring life into the city day and night. The color and composition shown of this photograph show the contemporary hustle and bustle of life of a city that never sleeps." - Joe

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