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KarenMcClymont December 13, 2018
Absolutely gorgeous
emilymcneill Jan 30
I love the way the clouds echo the pathway. Beautiful shot. Thanks for sharing it with us! Emily
Pbs pela foto e prémio! Abraço






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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at the river mouth of the Tejo river with the Lisbon nautical control tower on the background.
This was one the the longest exposure photo that I tried to take, over 500 seconds at the sunset hour, just after the sun went down, when the pink colour start to appear. As it was on Summer, hot day, the clouds were still orange and beautiful, I loved that day, it was one of those that made me continue to try more and more.
It was one of those days with the rare combination of tide at the right size, and the clouds embracing the tower.
Tripod Manfrotto, Canon 6D with lens Canon 16-35 f4L and Nisi ND10 and inverted GND filter and an app to easily calculate the correct settings of exposure with the ND filter on.
I already passed by car on that location before, never at that hour but always wondered how it would be with a proper sunset and an long exposure. That was the day, a sunday afternoon, I saw the sky, got into my car and went to try out.
Photoshop still scares me a little with all those settings, I started using Lightroom and for now it still works, so I have adjusted the shadows, blacks and whites and it was pretty much.
In my camera bag
I'm always travel with my full gear on the backpack, so, canon 6D, canon 16-35L f4, tamron 24-70 f2, Nisi filters with V5Pro, 2 batteries, and a Canon 70-200 f4 USM L that honestly I pretty much rarely use. Tripod is a Manfrotto 190, although I'm considering on getting one smaller.
The portuguese coast is full of scenarios like this, the alignment of the coast with the sun, the landscape, it helps a lot. As an amateur still on the beginning of the learning curve what I can advise to do is what I'm always lacking on doing...practice, practice and practice.

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