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Behind The Lens

The picture was taken in a tunnel connecting Denmark with Sweden. We traveled from Poland to Norway, my friend was driving and I took the pic from the passenger seat.
It was evening, around 10.00 PM. Time of day doesn’t really matter as conditions are always the same. Artificial light from lamps hung on the sides of the tunnel.
From the moment we drove into the tunnel one could notice a homogeneous light of lamps hung on the walls on the sides of the road. Fortunately no cars were coming from the opposite direction, so the light was still and it was enough to make just a few photos to choose the best one.
I used Canon 60D camera with a 17-50mm f2.8 lens. The picture was taken while travelling in a car.
I was wondering if I could get a similar effect in the picture as in sci-fi films where a space ship reaching faster-then-light speed.
Light correction of exposure and contrast was made. I also removed the slight noise that appears during long exposure.
In my camera bag
I’m an amateur. I don’t have too much equipment. Usually apart from above-mentioned camera body with lenses, and a flash I’m carrying a tripod with me.
The most important thing is to be a passenger! It's hard to take a good photo with a long exposure time in a moving car. Keep the camera close to the windshield so that things that are reflected in a glass are not recorded in the picture. The time of exposure depends on the conditions, in my case it was 1s with ISO100 sensitivity and f/4 aperture. It's good to know your camera to easily correct errors in settings, especially since there is not much time while driving. Don’t be discouraged by unsuccessful photos, keep trying until you reach a satisfying effect.

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