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gerhardprinsloo November 12, 2018
Hi, by darkening thy sky the photo would be more dramatic, good photo otherwise.
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Behind The Lens


I was driving down the back roads, heading to North Carolina, when I saw this amazing house. I had to stop and get a picture. As I was taking shots from different angles, an elderly fellow came up and ran me off the property. That was alright because I had the pictures that I wanted. Every time I pass this house I have an urge to stop and shoot some more photos.


I was driving by around early afternoon. The perfect time to capture this beautiful old house in pictures.


This was a color photo, however I loved the way it looked in black and white.


This picture was taken with an android phone, as are my other photos. I am searching for the type of camera that will work best for me.


I am intrigued by abandoned house. They are my favorite places to photograph. I love driving the back roads and seeing visions of the past. When I saw this house I thought how beautiful it looked and needed to get a picture because one never knows how long those abandoned house will stand. My processing was to take the colored photo and make it black and white. It looks so nostalgic sitting there.


No I did not do post processing.

In my camera bag

I always have my phone.


My advice for capturing something similar is, always be looking around. There is something awesome to photograph everywhere you go.

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