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Slaurensaint September 25, 2018
By far the only photo yet I've seen today to leave me speechless! Awe inspiring and raw and passionate and beautiful all at once...
Pedro_volana September 28, 2018
Thank you very much for your words! It is an honor for me that my picture conveyed to you those emotions!! 😉

Angel hair





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Behind The Lens

I took this photo in a brea water, in Almuñecar Beach, Granada (Spain)
It was at five o'clock in the afternoon
The idea as lighting was to make the session in a sunset, it was a fantastic day, but in a few minutes came a great haze from the high seas and we were out of light. But I couldn't leave the bride without her big picture portrait
This time I used my old Canon eos 1000d with a 16mm lens. I didn't use flash or tripod
When I saw the mist and the wind that began to do, along with the veil vaporous the bride had, I felt that throwing the veil into the wind could be an artistic photography full of harmony.
I did a photo process in Lightroom, putting it in black and white, lowering high lights, increasing the contrast and enhancing the blacks
In my camera bag
As I dedicate myself especially to wedding photography, in my backpack I carry a Nikon d750, with a 35mm sigma Art and a Nikon 85mm. I also use a Phantom 4 pro. And I have reserved a special affection to my Canon 1000d that was with which I started in photography
The most important thing I learned that day is that as much as you have imagined a photo, never leave if everything changes, but suddenly the time is not as you dreamed or anything else change. Make the picture, the result may be even better than you planned.

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