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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in Gilbert in my home state of Arizona. First, the model Jazlynn and I photographed downtown, where the buildings looked like...buildings. Then we saw this excavator in a gravel parking lot and couldn't resist.
We photographed all throughout the late afternoon, but saved Golden Hour for the photos I knew would truly capture an Arizona sunset.
The photo was taken with natural light. At first, I wanted Jazlyn facing the sun, but settled to preserve the construction material in the background.
I took this with my beloved Nikon D600 and Sigma 50mm Art lens.
I had no real intention on photographing in a gravel parking lot until I saw the crane. It was my gut that said, "We're going back for that." as we drove by. Since the excavator was a spontaneous addition to our shoot, the story I wanted to tell was mostly improvised. I felt inspired to portray the complex but breathtaking story of Arizona, and I knew this location had everything. It complemented nature through Arizona's signature sunset, while displaying urbanized growth through a construction visual. And Jazlynn was the piece that tied it all together.
I feel that many people dislike post-processing for the same reason they might dislike artificial lighting. I proudly edit my photos a lot, mostly to enhance/exaggerate color. Photographing during the setting sun can sometimes make the final images look flat, so with this photo specifically, I added contrast through my enhancement of colors. If artificial lighting and/or post-processing helps you tell a story, go for it!
In my camera bag
For the sake of preventing my bag from getting too heavy, I stick with a camera body (D600) and a couple of my favored Sigma Art lenses (35mm and 50mm).
Photography is an art form through its ability to immortalize a moment in time and how it can be used to tell stories. That should be your main focus, not how original the idea is or the cost of your equipment. Tell a story.

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