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edrobson November 28, 2018
DonnaRacheal November 28, 2018
Thank you it was a tick off my bucket list getting to see them in the wild :)
keepclicking December 03, 2018
Beautiful image

polar bear mother and cub





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Behind The Lens

Photo was taken whilst visiting Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge, on Hudson Bay in Manitoba, Canada
Each morning after a hearty breakfast, we would take the 'rhino' (serious cross-country vehicles) out in search of wildlife. Once spotted in a distance, we would disembark and start our slow, steady journey on front towards whatever we had seen, be it polar bears, grey wolfs or black bears. Silently we moved forward, pausing every so often to make sure as not to disturb these magnificent creatures. The animals are aware of our presence, but never feel threatened (if at any time their body language told us they were concerned, we would stop, until once again they were settled). And then at a safe distance, we admired in awe, and then remembered to start taking photos!
We had to work with whatever lighting was available. Mostly overcast, sometime driving rain, but thankfully only one severely cold day.
I opted to take my Canon G3x, rather than lug a huge lens and tripod around. As much as the photos meant alot to me, seeing polar bears in the wild, hearing wolves howl as a pack, and that feeling of being in the presence of one of the worlds largest top predators was what it was all about for me.
Seeing magnificent wildlife in their own habitat is a goal of mine. I can now tick of Organutans and Polar Bears :)
I try to keep my photo pretty much as I take them - old school that way ;)
In my camera bag
I have a Fujifilm XT-1 with 18-135mm lens, Fujifilm XT100, now the Canon and an Iphone
Rug up! Even autumn was cold. Seriously, nothing beats photography animals in their natural habitat. This trip was once in a lifetime for me (from Australia and the Artic Circle is a long, long way away). Don't just ponder it - go there!

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