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Winner in Show my something sexy Photo Challenge
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Proton Platinum
Proton September 06, 2018
Beautiful and makes me want to know the story behind this photo
Chiaroscurist December 29, 2018
Yes... the story... It is called... Directing...! :-)
martyconey September 06, 2018
Chiaroscurist December 29, 2018
Yes... the story... It is called... Directing...! :-)
Chiaroscurist December 29, 2018
Thank you...
BrunoHeeb PRO
BrunoHeeb November 29, 2019
The perfect shot, absolutely amazing
Chiaroscurist November 30, 2019
You are much too kind. Thanks.
harmeetsingh March 03, 2020
Chiaroscurist August 28, 2021
Glad you like.
RSeanC Platinum
RSeanC January 19, 2021
Chiaroscurist August 28, 2021
Happy that you think so.
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Behind The Lens

Fotographed against a wonderful rock in Halfmoon Bay, British Columbia, Canada.
Taken in late afternoon with daylight, overcast sky...
The lighting was an overcast sky that toned down the shadows yet still showed enough texture and dimension. The lighting kept the image soft enough to enhance the feeling of softness.
Shot using a Nikon D700 with a Nikon 28-300mm lens. Hand held with no flash just reflection from ground and surrounding rock.
Fotographed the image to portray a relaxed, easy atmosphere, with a little sensuality thrown in, with subtlety and the want to see more... creating some amount of intrigue.
No post processing was done. No cropping. Image is as shot. I try to be minimalist with my imagery.
In my camera bag
If I am planning to shoot many images on a project I pack a Nikon D750 with additional battery mount. As I have noted before, I tend to be a minimalist with my imagery and I do the same with my equipment. With the Nikon D750 I prefer to carry no more than two (2) lenses... Nikon 18-35mm f3.5 and a Tamron 24-70mm f2.8... I have found that less gives me more... because I have less equipment to choose from, when on a shoot, and more thought to put into to making/creating/capturing the images...! I also like to shoot analog film. When doing so I truly enjoy my Leica CL rangefinder with a Rokker 28mm f2.8 lens. The other simple film camera is a Rollie 35S rangefinder with a 40mm f2.8 lens. I do not pack all this equipment when going a shoot... I choose ahead and take what I wish to use for that shoot... Miniamalism reigns in my fotography world...! :-)
If you wish to shoot similar images to this one I have only a small number of suggestions... 1.) Choose a model who is open to your idea/s and does not battle your suggestions and direction. 2.) Find a location that you feel works to convey what you wish to get in the images. 3.) Do not over think your equipment...! One camera body and one lens ought to be enough because that is what you are using at any given moment. 4.) Keep your model’s wardrobe, costuming and props simple. 5.) Make your image ‘simple’ looking. 6.) Look up the definition of ‘simplicity’ and ‘minimalism’ before shooting and let that sink in. That will truly help you in all aspects of your fotography... especially composition...! 7.) Remember to fill your canvas (the full frame) and DO NOT think about cropping afterwards... Painters/artists do not make/create a painting and then crop out a piece of it afterwards and say that’s what they were looking for... they use/paint the whole canvas and then show the whole canvas...!

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