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Proton August 07, 2018
Perfect view
Chiaroscurist August 27, 2018
skippy4280 August 07, 2018
Awesome stance!
Chiaroscurist August 27, 2018
That’s what you get when you work with a dancer...
Gford August 13, 2018
Great shot.
Chiaroscurist August 27, 2018
H1978 August 22, 2018
Amazing composition, perfect, great photography!!!!
Chiaroscurist August 27, 2018
Thank you... You are being too kind.
Cruiser48 September 02, 2018
Stunning Pose
Chiaroscurist September 02, 2018
Yes.. it works for what I was trying to create... The Apple symbol for their software. OS X
leonjoseiii October 02, 2018
i love the view...picture perfect pic
Chiaroscurist October 03, 2018
I don’t much care for the perspective... ;-)... lol...
Unseeing December 02, 2018
Turly this image is an enigma. There are more questions than answers. It is so unhidingly at your face that all moral codes a human society adheres to-law,religion,family as a unit,clothes,even nature/space itself is a question mark. However, apart from the subject matter, I like the use of the windows through which the mildly red light fliters through revealing to us those gorgeous gluteus maximus,and the dark lips of the labia. It is as though the body were forever locked in an exhalted state. Stunning work,thanks for sharing.
Chiaroscurist December 02, 2018
So happy that it gives you enough to ask questions... The beauty of design, using, feminine form, blatantly displayed, with no answers but only revelations... leading to questions is something I have truly strived for in my work. I try to use the most amount of simplicity to as I can possibly muster to help in relating my endeavours... Thank you for putting your mind to work with my images...

Window Covering





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