Fergal123 October 02, 2018
Phenomenal capture. Well done
dkoch28 October 02, 2018
Neckbone October 02, 2018
Beautiful scene and capture!
isilvaphoto October 02, 2018
dakunin October 08, 2018
Nice sky
marzenego October 08, 2018
Everything in this composition is epic. Breathtaking! Congratulations. Bravo.
Wandervie October 17, 2018
Love this!
balkisothmani21 November 15, 2018
Very nice photo, just liked, if you are interested take a look at my photos I hope that you will like it
LeicaCL November 17, 2018
An excellent capture, great hike too.
Rafaphoto November 18, 2018
ianthomas_0997 December 02, 2018
Just up my street this, stunning image. Just wondering if you used two separate exposures? long exposure for the sky and a faster speed to capture the landscape. Either way it's a great shot
Tamaloa December 02, 2018
Paulacook144 December 17, 2018
Welcome to View Bug. Beautiful colours in this image.
ssshoot Feb 05
robjac85 Feb 14

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Aug, 2018

The Kingdom

I was at this location three days in a row. The first day I ended up soaking wet in pouring rain. On day two I had to tie my camera to a massive rock because of super strong winds and I also took this picture while I was witnessing the rad colors in the sky. The third day was my favorite though. Actually I was pretty happy with this shot already, but I wanted to get a different angle. So again, I was hiking around for a while, looking for a better composition. But fog came in and I decided to call it a day, walked back to the trail and somehow intuitively looked up to the sky and saw a huge golden eagle right above my head. It was so close and impressive, I almost got scared and for a moment I was just stunned by it's majestic beauty. I watched it fly in circles and then eventually disappear in the fog over the lake. That was just epic and a moment to remember!

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Won People's Choice in My Escape Photo ContestFebruary, 2019
Won Contest Finalist in My Escape Photo ContestFebruary, 2019
Won People's Choice in Never Stop Exploring Photo ContestNovember, 2018
Won Community Choice AwardNovember, 2018
Won Contest Finalist in Never Stop Exploring Photo ContestOctober, 2018
Won Runner Up in Image Of The Month Photo Contest Vol 36October, 2018
Won Contest Finalist in Image Of The Month Photo Contest Vol 36October, 2018

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Behind The Lens

I took this photo near my home "Haslital" in the bernese alps in Switzerland on a hike after work.
After I left work at 5 I hiked up to this cool place, waiting for the sunset in fall.
Those valley in the alps are still difficult for me to shoot, although it's what I shoot mostly. The sun sets early, usually before the clouds light up, so getting the perfect light is all about finding the right place.
I used my Lumix GH5 with the 12-60mm on a Benro Travel Angel tripod.
I love mountains, I love glaciers and I love nature. So living in this beautiful area is all the inspiration I need. I often stand on viewpoints just looking through those massive valleys. It makes my hart jump. So me standing in front of this scenery is somehow staged, but somehow it isn't.
My surreal style of my images needs a lot of post processing, I shot multiple exposure brackets for the foreground a long exposure for the sky and a "selfie" for me on the rock.
In my camera bag
On one day trips I have with me: Lumix GH5 Camera, 12-60mm f2.8, 7-14mm f2.8, 45-175mm f4, ND Filter Kit, Benro Travel Angel tripod, remote release, cleaning kit, 4 spare batteries.
Use google earth for a first check of the area. Then go out as much as possible, enjoy nature and shoot the things that makes you feel good. I usually don't search for leading lines or compositional elements. Shoot what your heart tells you.

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