denisecollar December 10, 2018
this is amazing
ryankostphotography December 11, 2018
Thank you Denise!

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Jul, 2018

True Wealth

Wealth. What is it? I surely don't open up my pay-stub envelope after guiding a trip and think I'm forever secure financially, or my 401k or health benefits (or lack there of) are just dandy ; however, when I open up my memory card folder from my camera, I realize how truly wealthy I am. Countless stories and laughs, inside jokes, incredible natural landscapes, lasting meaningful relationships, appreciation of simple pleasures, experiencing a modicum of discomfort, being humbled to the core, more curious than ever...and realizing the more I see, the less I realize I know. Yes, money remains a stressful part of life and a reoccurring pain in the ass, but my soul's proverbial gas tank hovers around full, and I know when my day comes, I will go to the grave having tried to understand the human experience through its highs and lows. Above Laguna Jancarurish over looking Alpamayo and its famed pyramid in the Cordillera Blanca, Peru.

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Won Contest Finalist in Facing Away Photo ContestDecember, 2018

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