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DNproSTUDIO November 13, 2018
very funny this bear
thunderlake Platinum
thunderlake December 21, 2018
Voted #1 -
Sandypartlow4 May 27, 2019
ahesse186 June 24, 2019
Playful and cute
erichschwaiger July 16, 2020
FireyLady June 14, 2021
I just love your work.
ronjudyluv2travel Platinum
ronjudyluv2travel November 02, 2021
Sweet capture! Congratulations!
lk1000 November 12, 2021
Love this
tjblueeyes June 04, 2022
Awesome shot!
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Behind The Lens


The photo was taken in National Park of Bavarian Forest in Germany, in area of which I lived for several years. I was trying to catch the bears ( especially being active and close enough ) for quite a long time until I was lucky one day...


It was during working day ( after a work ) so late afternoon ( maybe around 5 p.m. ) I needed to clean the head... it was a lot of fresh snow so I was thinking I can be lucky for some nice wild life or landscape shots so I went to the wood


As you can see the photo was taken in winter , in the snow ... the light wasn't too strong... later afternoon in winter


it is already couple of years ago... I guess in that time I used as Camera: Nikon D7300, telescopic lenses 300 mm ... and I am quite sure in that time I even didnt have tripod just very stabile hands :D ;)


I love capturing animals... and when I can see them in their natural environment and behaviour it is something what really amazed me :)


I'm taking all pics in raw and then I'm doing editing in Adobe Lightroom ( sometimes Photoshop ) - nothing big - playing with shadows, contrast, colours a bit... but it is important to keep my shots natural ... I just want to have them a bit more polished ...

In my camera bag

It depends which kind of photography I'm doing... for wildlife now usually Nikon D850 telescopic lenses 150-600 mm wide angle I think 10-20 and tripod


Be patient :) And always prepared to react quickly and without noise.... for the animals you have to really thinking also about time when the animal you want to catch is active and be prepared you will go many many times only for doing a research when and where you can see certain animal without taking any shot... so yeah being patient is probably the best advice :)

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