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Behind The Lens

I took this shot at one of my local nightclubs, they were kind enough to let me and one of the girls who worked there shoot at the location for a few hours.
This was taken around 1 pm but with the lack of windows in a nightclub it was not difficult to make it look later at night and giving the mysterious atmosphere
I used two small external flashguns with colored gels stuck to them for this image, the blue flash was balancing on some stacked chairs whilst the pink flash was resting on a couch opposite.
I used a Canon 5d Mark ii and two external flash guns.
I was inspired by the atmosphere created by noir movies, however, I wanted the bright, eye-catching colors, resulting in a neon noir.
In post, I balanced some colors, being sure they were how I wanted, some dodging and burning a slight crop.
In my camera bag
Of course, my Canon camera is the main equipment in my bag, I have 2-3 lenses in one compartment so I'm as prepared as I can be. My flashguns are stored in another slot, where the colored gels, receiver, transmitters and batteries are also kept. I use the smaller slots for spare batteries and memory cards as well as some essentials like safety pins, tape, and plasters. Last but not least, is my trusty tripod attached to the bag.
For shots like this, its best to shoot in a dark location as you have the most control over the artificial lighting and don't have to keep battling with the daylight.

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