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Behind The Lens

I am a full time fireman and used to belong to Lyndon Fire Department (before it merged with Saint Matthew's). Every year we would have an open house for the Crusade for Children. It would include food, children's activities and an old fire truck muster so that everyone could enjoy the rigs. This was taken on Crusade weekend a few years ago in one of our bays at the firehouse.
I took this walking through the bays before the Crusade open house kicked off, it was before 930 in the morning.
Everything in this shot was natural, no lights or editing took place.
This photo was actually taken with a Google Pixel 2XL after I had gotten off shift.
I'm a fireman. I love old trucks and things that are a living history of the fire service. I believe they all have a story to tell...
No post-processing, literally point and shot and posted it.
In my camera bag
When I'm at the firehouse I normally just have my cell phone on me (Galaxy Note 10+). When I'm out shooting I have a Nikon D3500 and a variety of lenses. I also carry a Mavic Mini drone.
There's beauty in everything, it's just waiting to be found.

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