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Behind The Lens

We had met with the model and make-up artist in a coffee shop in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam to prepare for a photo shoot. The model was trying the hat on and leaned against the wall. I took the shot, never expecting it to be a winner.
It had taken the make-up lady about an hour or so to prepare the makeup. She finished about 3 pm and we were preparing to go to the park to do the shoot. I just did this photo and a few others to check the camera setting and the look of the make-up. A lucky shot!
Natural window light.
I was shooting with a Sony A 57 and Sony 50 mm. 1.8 lens. ISO 400 at 1/30 sec. I had just bought the 'Nifty 50 lens, and it was my first time to use it.
I had remembered seeing a photo similar to this somewhere. I liked the mystery about the eyes being covered, and when the model leaned against the wall and pulled the hat down over her eyes, I instantly knew this was the shot.
I did some minor editing and touch-up using Paint Shop Pro.
In my camera bag
I normally have my Sony A 57, 50mm 1.8 lens, 18 to 105 zoom, Godox AD 200 flash with accessories.
I read a quote that said, "Shoot what you feel, not what you see." As you learn this process, you will just 'know' when you look through the lens of your camera, that this is "the shot." I have a file I keep titled"Perhaps." Pictures and ideas that I want to try. I study the colors, the lighting, the pose, over and over. Then, when I am out shooting, I just know when it looks right.

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