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This is the starting point for climbing the the hill through steps, there are 1000 steps to reach to top, After consistent practice for some days, one fine day ...
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This is the starting point for climbing the the hill through steps, there are 1000 steps to reach to top, After consistent practice for some days, one fine day i was able to climb to top at a stretch.Thought to this a point sharing with all.
The above hill is in Mysuru, India.
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krnaik May 04, 2018
Hi, thank you for liking my simple photos,
asiaseen April 17, 2019
Ah, I remember that climb...

Behind The Lens

The photo was taken at "Chamundi hill" located in Mysuru, Karnataka state, India. "Chamundi hill" is a real boon to nature lovers, bird watchers, fitness enthusiasts and devotees of "Goddess Chamundeswari temple" at the top of the hill. One can have a beautiful, breathtaking "city view", as he climbs , inhaling the cool, clean fresh air.It will be a rejuvenating experience for one and all. There are 1008 steps for climbing to top of the hill. The steps were built by the 17th century Mysuru "Wadeyar king" , "Dodda Devaraja". in the year 1659. At the top of the hill "Sri Chamundeswari temple is there, dedicated to Goddess "Sri Chamundeswari", tutelary deity of "Mysuru kings" and presiding deity of "Mysuru". Photo was taken at the starting point of 1008 steps.
Photo was taken around 10.30 in the morning.
Photo was captured on a beautiful sunny morning day, with clouds hovering over.
This was a shot on my "Redmi 5" Android phone, with 12 MP primary camera. Recorded shot detail are, Aperture f/2.2, ISO 100, Shutter Speed 1/583, Focal Length 381/100.
Myself is a retired Engineer, interested in Photography as a hobby. Even with my advanced age i still wanted to climb the above detailed hill "At a Stretch" but it was a difficult task for me. "I did not give up". I slowly practiced every morning climbing some 100 steps, and increased the number of steps, as the days progressed. Finally one fine morning i was able to climb 1008 steps" at a stretch", without having any much breathing problems. After this "Success", i thought anything can be achieved with dedication , increasing the "Pace" of progress, as the days passes. One day we will be able to reach the desired goal, in whatever field we attempt, including photography. I thought of sharing my experience with ViewBug family members, then i took the photo of "Starting point of 1008 steps".
No photo editing of any short was done.
In my camera bag
Redmi 5 Android phone.
It is good if a photo is captured with a Theme and sharing experiences that enhances quality of life "of all living beings",“photographically".

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