War veteran Dodge Truck





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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken on my dad’s block of land. Back as a kid I would play in this old Dodge truck and pretend I would drive it when I got older. This is one of many he has collected over the time. The truck was parked behind a shed at that time, but as land has gradually been subdivided and change happening, the truck has been towed out into the middle of the paddock where is is now in the perfect position from some great sunset shots and back drop.
This shot was taken just on sunset looking away from the sun. I was a little late so had to run through knee high grass to reach it in time.
I love the natural orange colours of rust so I isolated the surrounding green grass and pink sky.
I used an iPhone 8 Plus with a Moment Wide 18mm lens to capture this shot. I ran out of time to set up a tripod and there were so many angles to experiment capturing from in the short amount of time the sun was setting.
Housing developments now surround this tiny 5 acre block of land, their houses taking up their whole manicured sections, but this little piece of history, rough and colourful remains.
I used an app called InstaPhoto by Avairy to isolate the rusty colour of Dodge truck from the background.
In my camera bag
I normally carry a Moment Wide 18mm lens which I fit when required, a set of wired iPhone earbuds for a remote shutter release for doing long exposures, a Joby mini tripod and a basic larger tripod.
I scoped out this truck a few days earlier while wandering past in the middle of the day and noticed that it would make a great subject when the sunsets were right. I just had to make sure I could make it home in time from work to run across the paddock in time.

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