Highlight of a dance

She's a maniac, maniac on the floor
And she's dancing like she's never danced before

Everything created just with light in a s...
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She's a maniac, maniac on the floor
And she's dancing like she's never danced before

Everything created just with light in a single long exposure, no photoshop involved.
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CaptureLifeUK Ultimate
CaptureLifeUK May 02, 2018
Magnificent...such an eye catching shot
johnstahl May 04, 2018
Flash dance
michellefulmerhaymaker May 04, 2018
Amazing shot
Kt180 May 08, 2018
I love this
Loulou70 May 12, 2018
BrunoHeeb PRO
BrunoHeeb May 17, 2018
Absolutely amazing shot
Ana-Photogirl99 June 03, 2018
Amazing shot, but i can't hold back my slight giggle.... I see so much similarities to the deadpool 2 poster!
RyusLightworks June 03, 2018
Well both have the same reference movie ;)
MikeBoyle June 26, 2018
Congratulations on your amazing photo. Nice...very nice
matthewread_4744 December 02, 2018
The lighting and colors are perfect 😎
gergelyzsolnai January 20, 2019
This is a very weak try with photoshop brush. I'm sorry the others don't see this.
RyusLightworks January 21, 2019
You should inform yourself what Lightpainting is and what it stands for. If you have problems understanding how it works you are welcome to join us light artists in FB groups like "Light-Painting International".
Rafaphoto Platinum
Rafaphoto February 02, 2019
Gorgeous shot and edits
RyusLightworks February 02, 2019
Thanks, but there was no edit involved...
DNproSTUDIO March 29, 2019
this cool silhouette with its effects
amelahajdarevic June 02, 2019
Beautiful blue color. Stunning image. Thank you.
Synchron May 08, 2020
Impressiv !
nandoharmsen Platinum
nandoharmsen October 10, 2022
love this one. Great shot
ths205 Jun 06
Great shot. I'm getting Flash Dance vibes from this photo
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken on a small table in my living room. I used a few lightpainting techniques and a cutout to create this scene. Lightpainting art is a passion I have been following several years now. The most fascinating aspect of this art is that it combines reality with fantasy and thus brings a speck of magic into our mundane world.
After several rainy and stormy days and still wanting to create something I decided to design and create this scene one evening. The cutout was made during the afternoon and while it was getting dark outside the setup was created.
Any light in this scene was artificially created like it is often the case in lightpainting photos. Two flashlights were used here, one was modified for high CRI output and the other was modified with a self created firmware to get a super fast strobe mode to create the rain effect.
This shot was done with a Sony A7II on a tripod with a Pentacon 50mm f/1.8 lens. Other equipment used were two self modified flashlights, a cardboard cutout, a sheet of mirror foil, an electric cigarette for the smoke and a black fiber optic brush for the rain.
The inspiration for this shot came from an effect I discovered using a black fiber optic brush and a super fast strobe mode. I recently started to build my own flashlights and created a firmware for the controller that goes beyond what normal flashlights are capable of. When moving black fiber optics with a high frequency strobe of around 50Hz the camera sees the ends of the fiber optics as dots and thus creating the rain of light effect. Having watched a few 80s movies recently this scene from Flashdance came to my mind because it was a great scene to use this effect.
Like any lightpainting there is near to no post-processing involved. Apart from developing the raw file by adjusting white balance, brightness and contrast a bit what you see here is what came out of the camera.
In my camera bag
My bag contains, apart from the camera and a few lenses a multitude of odd lights. I usually use wide angle lenses but sometimes a focal length of up to 80mm can be useful too. Apart from this a tripod is a must. Most of the times there is a selection of around 5-6 flashlights in my bag each for a different purpose. Using 3d printer technology I also created several light forming tools to create different effects in a shot.
The key to create lightpainting photos is your own imagination. The camera is a tool that captures light, so anything that can be lit or can emmit or reflect light can cause amazing effects in a long exposure. You usually start in a dark environment with camera set to base ISO and the aperture closed down halfway to get as little stray light as possible. Using a bulb exposure you decide yourself what will appear on the photo and what not. You can for example light a scene to get it on the sensor, then place a person at several spots inside this scene and light that person. The person will end up as a ghost in the final photo because the light hitting the person and the light hitting the environment will overlap. But the only limit is your imagination. When showing this shot so someone most people are first fooled into believing there was a real model involved. but the lady you see is actually a 10cm tall cardboard cutout placed on a table on top of a mirror foil. A puff of vape from an electric cigarette and a short burst of light from a blue geled flashlight created the smoke in the background. To emphasise the silhouette the cutout was lit from the side at a steep angle so only the border of the cardboard caught the light. Finally the rain effect was created by using a black fiber optic brush like you might know from lamps back in the 80s fixed to a flashlight with a very high frequency strobe mode. Getting the speed of movement is key to create the rain effect.

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