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Feb, 2018

God saved the Queen

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Won Contest Finalist in Creative Compositions Photo Contest Vol6July, 2018


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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in my studio, a little studio, in my bedroom in fact!!
The long winter day is conducive to make my shots in the studio. It was performed on a Sunday in January ...
In the studio, I do not use much lighting, only one often. One flash cobra with a beauty bowl and that's it. I adjust my set up according to the result that I wish to have and I trigger !!
This was shot on Canon 5D with an 100mm macro F6.3 lens. The lighting was a beauty bowl with a cobra flash.
my daughter plays chess and I wanted to give her a wink with this picture.
I only use lightroom. I do not like to spend time processing photos. I prefer to spend time creating them. One shoot in raw and nothing else.
In my camera bag
I travel light !! my 5D and my 2 fixed focus lenses 24mm and 100mm.
It is very simple! I realize all my studio pictures with ambient lighting, otherwise I see nothing! the first thing I do and take a black photo by decreasing the aperture. I then position my case on the tripod. I then adjust my lighting, often only one, positioned at 45 degrees, I prepare my staging. I use my self-timer because all the pictures in this series were made with my hands. I trigger and it's in the box! The most complicated is to find the idea and rip the image in the head !!

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