Manoel Mar 06
Wow! Amazing shot! Perspective and exposure are perfect. Congrats and keep on sharing your talent with us!
jmimages Mar 06
Beautiful image. The lines draw you in and the composition and colors are warm and perfectly balanced. Great work.
Capture-Life Mar 06
WOW !! such a goooorgeous capture !! Congrats :):):)
Paulacook144 Mar 06
Beautiful image well seen and handled.
Jexxon Mar 07
Great capture and timing!
RiViCo Mar 07
A wow shot, well executed
John256 Mar 08
Nice image, well done.
martinburgess May 05
Wonderful colours and scene.
NikonBrand Jun 06
Nicely done!
Great shot
Alfredo_Jose Jun 12
Beautiful photograph!

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Feb, 2018

Old Pier, Ria de aveiro

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Won Community Choice AwardNovember, 2018
Won Contest Finalist in Composition And Leading Lines Photo ContestJune, 2018
Won Curator's ChoiceMarch, 2018


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Top 10 class


Behind The Lens

I take this shot at in Ria de Aveiro in Portugal. This region is one of the most beautiful places for photography in this Country. Visit Aveiro to discover a landscape dominated by water. Aveiro, next to the sea and the ria (estuary), is crossed by a network of channels through which moliceiros (local boats) meander. These slim, colourful vessels used to be used to collect algae and seaweed, and today are for sightseeing trips. Visiting on foot does not mean too much effort either since the city is flat, and anyone who enjoys cycling can take a "BUGA" - bicycles made freely available by Aveiro City Council.
This shot was taken at sunrise in a lovely and dramatic morning, January this year.
The light in Ria de Aveiro is mistic and epic.The sky
This was shot on a Canon EOS 6D, with Canon EF 16-35 f/4L IS USM and with my Progrey Filters USA. I used a Manfrotto tripod 055 XPRO3
I´m always looking for places with water. Here i have the mountains behind the Lake, who can give me protection for the light, when the sun is rising.
I usualy try to get right the image on the camera, but of course i made a post-processing.I always shoot in Raw and i had to work the file in Lightroom, only. Normaly my work in computer it´s easy and fast.
In my camera bag
A canon EOS 6D and my Canon lenses, 16-35 f/4L and 24-105 f/4L. I´m a Progrey Master Photographer, my filters it´s obvious are Progrey. My favourite filters for sunrise & Sunset, 0,9 and 0.1.2 Reverse filters.Lots of gradients hard and soft, as well Nd Full, 7, 10 stop. And of course a Polarizer.
Be prepared for Landscape photography, the weather and colors. A foreground with potencial as well a great focal point. But specially after the light. a great composition is very important for the success of the image.

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