Fergal123 Feb 06
Very well taken shot.Dutch windmills are in the National gallery in Dublin very cool
StefanLueger Feb 07
Thank you very much !!
sweetpea72 Feb 06
Stunning..Congrats!! シ
StefanLueger Feb 07
Thank you !

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Feb, 2018

Windmills of Kinderdijk

Colorful sunset at the Windmills of Kinderdijk
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at maybe the most stunning place in the Netherlands at Kinderdijk. Kinderdijk is a village in the Netherlands, belonging to the municipality of Molenwaard, in the province South Holland, about 15 km (9 miles) east of Rotterdam. Kinderdijk is situated in a polder in the Alblasserwaard at the confluence of the Lek and Noord rivers. To drain the polder, a system of 19 windmills was built around 1740. This group of mills is the largest concentration of old windmills in the Netherlands. The windmills of Kinderdijk are one of the best-known Dutch tourist sites. They have been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997.
In order to get this intense colors and that calm mood I took this photo very close to sunset which is during the wintertime around 5:30pm. To arrive on time at the spot you should be there about at least 60mins earlier because of the 25mins walk from the parking lot to this fabulous spot.
To get that drama in the sky the lighting must be perfect - therefore I shot from the late golden hour till sunset
For this particular shot I used Camera: Nikon D850 Lens: Sigma 24-70mm F2,8 DG OS HSM | Art Tripod: ReallyRightStuff TVC-33 with Ballhead BH-55 Haida 150mm Filter Holder Formatt Hitech Firecrest Filters one 150mm 1.8 ND and one 150mm 0.9 GND Filter
These windmills are one of the oldest in europe and they are still in a great condition I had to get a portfolio shot of them. Because of visiting this place in wintertime, I had to go there serveral times - one day it was just a grey sky, one day it was hailing, next day it was raining all day long. But after the fifth time I got lucky to get this shot in frame.
I do not do much post-processing - just normal raw development (adjusting highlights and shadows, Lens correction, CA removement, pre-sharpening) then just building some interesting contrast - micro-contrast adjustment and at the end add some decent sharpening) Much more I like to do everything right during the shot rather then overcooking it in post
In my camera bag
My travel equipment is: Camera: Nikon D850 Lenses: Sigma 12-24 Art F4 Sigma 24-70 Art F2.8 Tamron 70-200 F2.8 G2 Tamron 150-600 C F5-6.3 Zeiss 50mm F1.4 ZF2 Tripod: ReallyRightStuff TVC-33 with BH-55 Ballhead Filters: Haida 150mm Holder Various Formatt Hitech Filters (ND and GND)
For that kind of photos, I would say the correct time of the day is the most important thing as well as the right mood in the clouds. My recommendation would be be on your spot early so you can pick the best spot for you. Use quality filters like Formatt Hitech with very low color cast and use a very stable tripod and for me the best tripods in the world came from ReallyRightStuff

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