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Mom and son love.

Mom and son love.
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ellenellen PRO+
ellenellen February 01, 2018
Wonderful shot, I love deer...
Jenna_Lynn_Photography PRO
Jenna_Lynn_Photography February 01, 2018
Thank you so much Ellen! Thankfully I live in an area where the deer are a little friendlier and curious, so some of them come up a little closer. :)
CURUTCHET February 01, 2018
you are so Lucky to see them so close
Jenna_Lynn_Photography PRO
Jenna_Lynn_Photography February 01, 2018
Treats help them come in a little closer. After spending a lot of time around them though (I'm talking many months) and a lot of treats, one trusted me enough to finally eat from my hand. :)
Clement_Guerin March 15, 2018
Nice pic
Jenna_Lynn_Photography PRO
Jenna_Lynn_Photography March 16, 2018
Thank you!