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AJRamirez March 15, 2018
Very whimsical!
kelso75 September 11, 2018
This looks like a dream.
mesmor September 12, 2018
asthholtz September 12, 2018
Dreamy ... great capture !
TomasTar October 28, 2018
harmeetsingh Mar 15 beautiful
tomwillis Mar 18
Congratulations, Harry. This is a deserving winner in the clouds and sunlight contest.
Well done, great capture
Colors, lighting. So beautiful Thank you.

Dawning Anticipation





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Behind The Lens

The photo was taken a short distance from my home in Macoupin County, Illinois.
The shot was taken at sunrise on July 5, 2016. Following local, rural roads, I could see the glow of the approaching sunrise on the horizon. I drive by this spot often and knew I had a suitable foreground for the shot. I stopped and set up using the old fence posts and patch of Black-Eyed Susan has my foreground and waited for the sun to rise above the horizon.
Sunrise is my favorite time to photograph. On this morning clouds filtered the sun creating a soft glow across the open field which created depth and mystery to the image.
My camera then and now is the Nikon D800E. The D800E is a great camera for landscape work because it produces sharp images reducing post-processing sharpening. That morning I had my 17-35mm lens set at a focal length of 20mm @ f16. I mounted the camera on my tripod and used a cable release to trigger the shutter.
I'd have to say the combination of strong foreground elements and the filtered sunlight. I knew this spot well and waited for sunrise to take a shot. I got lucky because of the cloud-filtered sunrise softened the scene, creating a softness to the horizon and background fog. I love how the old, twisted fence posts in combination with the wildflowers create color and interest to the foreground, which anchors the shot.
Yes, I did most of my post work in Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop. Most of the work was done to bring out the depth and colors present in the scene.
In my camera bag
Right now, I only carry a Nikon D800E. I have a D700 but use it as backup. I have a number zoom and prime lens: 70-200mm, 85mm prime, 50mm prime, 28mm prime, 20mm prime and a 17-35mm zoom. Until recently, I used the 17-35mm for 90 percent of my work, but now use the 20mm a greater percentage of the time. This year, I plan to use my longer focal length lens to a greater degree, adding variety to my work. I also carry a shutter release and graduated ND filters. That's most of the gear I keep with me other than lens cloth, mini flashlight and that kind of stuff. I also use a free depth-of-field calculator app from time-to-time.
Think local. I'm from the Midwest and don't have a lot of opportunity to travel to other parts of the country. I'd love to travel to other parts of the country, but that's probably not going to happen any time soon, so I make the most of my local landscape. Almost all my photos are shot within close proximity of my home. I scout a lot and make a list of potential spots. I return to these locations throughout the year to see what seasonal changes are at hand. That's what's great about landscape photography, all you have to do is take a drive and pay attention to the landscape. Many times there are tons of places to shoot within easy driving of your home.

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